Games of Skill and Chance

Author: Renata Tyszczuk

  • Games of Skill and Chance


    Games of Skill and Chance



The theme of the Forum, University of Sheffield, November 2006 and of this inaugural issue of field: Architecture and Indeterminacy, gave me the opportunity to reflect on games, stories and experiments as alternative ways of thinking architecture. This paper was originally presented along with a three-screen digital video work: l’hombre. The video stems from my work in exploring film in relation to the architectural imaginary. I do this through writing, teaching and researching as well as through making: both digital and 16mm, (the work can’t be neatly summarised but has evolved into what I term the aphoristic documentary – ‘aphodoc’, and the experimental home movie – ‘expovie’). Some of the themes presented in this paper are new, some are old, and some are current obsessions. They are presented in this paper as ‘sametext stories’ not privileging any particular discourse. If I have not kept within disciplinary boundaries it is because I do not see them; if I have not prioritised architecture enough in the discussion it is because I didn’t notice. Architecture to me is about the stuff of life and the glimpses we have of it; it is as indeterminate as the next thing.

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Published on
01 Sep 2007
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