Housing: A Racial Equality Issue

Author: Zoe Lord

  • Housing: A Racial Equality Issue


    Housing: A Racial Equality Issue



My BA Architectural Studies dissertation, ‘London in 2050: The future of the city’s social housing, property price and gentrification,’ interrogates contemporary issues in the UK’s housing sector. Using contemporary society’s current trajectory to forecast a view of the city in the future, this projection serves as a tool to amplify the issues facing the working class, specifically ethnic minorities in London, in the present day. This article serves as a reflection on the issues and recommendations outlined in the dissertation, reinforcing its connection to architectural practice and education. Housing is integral to societal relationships of inequality, influencing many factors affecting quality of life. However, there is currently only a small minority of research and awareness on the topic. The issues of social housing, property prices and gentrification are dissected, before being translated into recommendations and actions. The built environment profession plays a key influence on people’s quality of life, and if this relationship is recognised the profession can take significant steps to rectify current inequalities.

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Lord, Z., (2022) “Housing: A Racial Equality Issue”, field 8(1), 223–232.

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Published on
01 Mar 2022
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