Questioning Hegemony Within White Academia

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We have been working together in various configurations in the past, but we were yet to meet as a group prior to writing this text. Krzysztof was our main link in his awareness of each individual’s interest in the decolonial discourse which inspired this discussion. This conversation is the outcome of three discussions we had (online). We recorded them, made a transcript and then wrote the text. English isn’t the first language for any of us, but it is “almost” the first language for Faith. However, we all use English to communicate between members of this group. We tried to write the text, correcting our grammar while attempting to keep idiosyncratic characters of the way each of us use the language and also reflecting on the significant ‘role that language plays in perpetuating western hegemony’ (Faith, below).


How to Cite: Mehan, A. , Lima, C. , Ng’eno, F. & Nawratek, K. (2022) “Questioning Hegemony Within White Academia”, field. 8(1).